JPV: Music is My Life

When I'm Happy! I Sing. When I'm Lonely, I Sing!


Hi, welcome to my personal blog. In this blog, I will share to you the story about my love of music.

I love to sing. I guess everybody loves to sing. It doesn’t matter if we are good at it or not. We love to sing the song of our lives. Every part, every chapter of our lives, we have a theme song for that.

I started singing when I was just a little boy. I’m not sure about my age back then, but what I┬áremember is they (my parents) always let me sing in front of my family and relatives whenever there are gatherings. I know from then on that I was blessed with a singing voice. I was born to sing.

Anyways, join me in my journey in the world of music. Life is full of beautiful music!