Everybody love music. It’s a universal language. It has the power to convey emotions and feelings at a such high level of understanding whoever you are, wherever you are.

Can you imagine a world without music? I think the world will be different than what we have today if music is not present in our lives. Whenever we are happy, we sing. Whenever we are lonely, we sing. You see, in whatever happenings in our lives, we found ourselves singing.

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve always been singing. One of my earliest videos is me singing “Dance with my Father” which is 9 years ago. This song is so popular back then because of the heartfelt message to a loving father. It is a very emotional song that when you sing this song, you will have a misty eyes. Anyways, here is my little simple rendition of the song while playing the piano too. Hope you like 🙂